Your Personal Hand Washing Experience

Washing Hands with Comfort, Confidence, and Care.
Soapy is the Experience, Protection, Technology, and assurance behind CLEAN


Infection Prevention starts with Good Hand Hygiene

We know a cleaner world is a safer world. Everyone, no matter their circumstances, deserves access to good hand washing to prevent disease and protect health. So we invented a smarter way to wash hands.

Soapy harness the most advanced technologies

To educate, optimize, and encourage people to build healthy, handwashing habits. Soapy coaches and employs Data Science to support perfect hand hygiene. Soapy - The Smart Way to Wash Hands

Soapy Lore - IoT Soap Cartridge

Soapy was designed with planet Earth in mind, Soapy Lore technology reducing environmental pollution and water waste. Our promise is to deliver the perfect wash while doing no harm to the environment and our children's future.

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