Our vision is a world where hygiene saves lives, starting with the health care industry.

Soapy Wash

The perfect way to wash infection

Soapy's hand hygiene systems provide a comfortable, infection-prevention-compliant, and fun hygienic experience

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Soapy Tech

The smart way to wash infection

With the help of AI and computer vision, it becomes easy to identify when hand hygiene protocol is not being followed.

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Soapy Saves

The mindful way to prevent infection

Soapy's handwashing system save 20 drop on every drop of water used for handwashing. We reduce carbon footprint and prevent waste of soap

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Soapy Gives

The caring way to prevent infection

Our vision is a world where hygiene saves lives, starting with the health care industry and supporting marginalized schools. We give 1 for 10 sold.

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You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and it is impossible to enforce compliance without managing it!

According to CDC, Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAI) are among the most common medical events causing death, especially among children.  Proper hand hygiene can prevent up to 1 million deaths annually and reduce HAI by up to 40%. 

WHO states that hand hygiene is a critical and cost-saving intervention in the prevention of infection and the spread of disease. But, only 50% of all medical care workers wash or sanitize their hands correctly.

With Soapy technology, you can now have an overview of staff compliance with hand hygiene protocols — increasing patient safety and care quality.

We passionately believe that good hand hygiene quality is the key to a disease-free life in a world replete with harmful microbes. Soapy brings hand hygiene out of the restroom and takes it into the future!


Healthcare facilities, private and governmental clinics, elderly care facilities, and long-term recovery centers. Furthermore, pharmaceutical facilities, food service, food production, schools, and offices.
Soapy is approved and registered in 30 countries with proof of preventing infection, reducing HAIs, and improving hand hygiene adherence and health. 
We offer two systems: Soapy Pro and Soapy Pro Mobile.
Both offer perfect handwashing and hand sanitizing compliance solutions.
Soapy is all about the four C’s:
Compliance, Comfort, Confidence, and Care.
Universitas Studiorum Mediolanensis


Healthcare experts have labeled handwashing as the single most important tool in preventing infectious illnesses and Hospital-Aquiered Infections (HAIs). User Supportive implementation of proper and compliant hand hygiene allows the hospital staff to interact with their patients in a safe and cost-effective manner. Proper hand hygiene not only reduces the risk of infections it also improves brand positioning and improving liability.

Elderly Care and Assistive living

The aging population is sensitive and probably the most fragile community in today’s reality. Maintenance of food safety and public health is pivotal to preventing the spread of infectious diseases in elderly care facilities. All start with proper hand hygiene and infection prevention practices. Soapy is determined to provide the aging sector with an ideal, easy-to-use, and eco-friendly tool to keep the hands of staff and care workers always sanitized. Extending quality of life and life span starts with infection prevention and clean hands.


While clinic visits are short, the exposure to potential infection is as high as in long-term care facilities. Infection prevention and hand hygiene compliance technologies are as needed as never before. Infectious microbes can easily thrive in the waiting area or the examination rooms, thereby which could lead to local epidemics. To minimize the risk of infectious contamination, Soapy systems offer an efficacious solution to hand sanitization to both clients and the clinic staff. Soapy creates a friendly gamified environment where you can support your clients and elevate your clinic brand.

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