Soapy cares and is leading the charge for the thinking clean movement as the future of hand-washing. with smart tech that is easy and fun to use and contributes to a cause.
Soapy | A Better Way to Clean

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Soapy Clean Machine

The future of handwashing is touchless, powered by data, and driven by artificial intelligence.

Soapy cleans

The perfect way to wash hands.

Our Clean Machines provide a comfortable, hygienically compliant, fun handwash in just 20 seconds!

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Soapy tech

The smart way to wash hands.

Powered by AI technology and providing clean data to make sure handwashing is fully compliant with all hygiene and safety standards.

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Soapy saves

The mindful way to wash hands.

We are an earth-friendly brand, saving up to 95% water as compared to a sink handwash, saving energy, and preventing up to 90% soap waste per handwash, leading to both economic savings and eco-friendly contribution.

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Soapy gives

The caring way to wash hands.

Our mission is to bring better access to handwashing to those who need it the most. We donate 1 Clean Machine for every 10 sold.

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We are a fast growing, diverse, earth minded high-tech company committed to bringing proper handwashing, to people, wherever they need it! As a mission-driven organization, we pride ourselves in our Soapy machines always working well so we can do the most good within illness and mortality prevention, together.

We passionately believe that a cleaner world is a better world. So, we invented a smarter way to wash hands. Soapy brings hand hygiene out of the bathroom into the future! Our goal is to make a positive impact on individuals and the planet as well as stop infection and prevent illness. Contact Us

Who uses Soapy?

We ship everywhere. Soapy is approved and registered in 30 countries with proof of preventing infection and protecting health for Food Service, Healthcare, Education, and Consumer-Facing Industries. We currently have partners located in the USA, Canada, Israel, European countries, and Asia.

We offer two machines: Clean Machine Pro, and Clean Machine Mobile. Both offer perfect handwashing and safe hand sanitizing capabilities. Soapy is great for businesses and industries that experience high-volume traffic of customers or employees alike.

Soapy is all about the four C’s: COMPLIANCE, COMFORT, CONFIDENCE, and CARE.


Your Healthcare providers can treat their patients with confidence knowing their hands are 100% sanitized. 

Fully Sanitized Handwashing is key to healthcare workers providing the best and safest care. 


We know that the hospitality industry connects people daily, both locally and globally. Safe. Secure. Fully Sanitized Handwashing is key to the hospitality industry interacting with the public and co-workers in a safe and secure environment. We provide confidence to your workers who know their hands are sanitized properly and their body temperature is at a safe level


We know that attendance is key both for educators and students. Our machines are designed to assure that the classroom environment from a handwashing perspective, is safe and that each educator and student’s body temperature is monitored. With soapy, hand washing is fun. Soapy create a friendly competition amongst the student to see who gets the highest “clean hands” score. 

If you are ready to join our fast-paced, high-energy, entrepreneurial world of cleanliness...

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