Soapy's Benefits For ICU

By creating a culture of heightened cleanliness, SoapyPro's products contribute to a more positive and supportive environment for healthcare professionals, promoting mental stability and well-being. The efficient operation of SoapyPro systems streamlines hygiene protocols, allowing the clinical team to focus more on patient care with peace of mind. Ultimately, SoapyPro is indispensable in ICUs for maintaining a high standard of care, fostering a culture of safety, and nurturing the mental resilience of the clinical staff.

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Promoting Behavioral Changes

The SoapyPro system fosters lasting shifts in hand hygiene practices that support ICU staff, resulting in sustained reductions in infection risks, particularly beneficial for patients receiving critical care.

Reducing Cross-Contamination

Through strict adherence to hand hygiene, the system minimizes cross-contamination risks among patients, ICU staff, and equipment, a crucial measure in safeguarding individuals in the ICU.



Serving as a training tool for new ICU professionals, the system ensures early adoption of proper hand hygiene practices, setting a high standard for hygiene in ICUs and bolstering patient safety in alignment with CDC and WHO recommendations.

Enhanced Infection Control

SoapyPro system is instrumental in upholding rigorous hand hygiene standards in ICUs, in accordance with CDC and WHO guidelines, to combat infection spread and protect patients during treatments.

Real Time Quality Feedback

Providing instant feedback, this system aids ICU professionals in making swift hand hygiene adjustments, crucial for reducing infection transmission risks within the unit.

Compliance Oversight

Measuring adherence to hand hygiene protocols is vital in ICU settings. The system promptly identifies instances of non-compliance, enabling prompt corrective actions to mitigate infection risks. Aligned with Leapfrog and Joint Commission requirements.