What is Soapy

Poor Hand Hygiene is the leading cause of the spread of disease across the globe. So, in 2018 the Soapy brand was founded to bring hand washing out of the bathroom and into the future. With human centered design as our driving principle we set out to make a hand hygiene compliance system that could sustainably change people’s behavior and empower them to achieve the perfect germ-free hand hygiene. To achieve this we leveraged the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things(IoT), unique computer sensor technologies and Big Data to gamify the user experience, to enhance quality, compliance and culture.

Today, Soapy is realizing its goal of making the world a safer and healthier place one hand wash at a time! Soapy is commercially active across the globe as users interact with Soapy hand hygiene compliance technology in Hospitals, Senior Living Facilities, Clinics, Dental Offices, Schools, Food Services, and Manufacturing environments. We are committed to always putting user experience first as we continually innovate, seek infection prevention excellence, advance clinical efficacy, and support customer success.

Our mission is a clear one: We want to leverage advanced technology to achieve better health. We are dedicated to making business an engine to create a better world.

Meet our founders

Max Simonovsky

Co-Founder & CEO

Inspired by his son, Max leveraged his medical background, passion for technology and creating an eco-friendly, live saving products to create SOAPY. Max is a change agent for saving lives and for doing good. A true visionary, Max lives his life with a mind that’s constantly thinking five years in the future and pushes SOAPY to constantly innovate and operate with purpose.

Alex Orlovsky

Co-Founder & CTO

With his technical background and a “let’s build it” approach, Alex believes science can and does solve real-world problems, protects the earth, and saves lives. He is the champion of the many high-tech features and proprietary Wisdom Platform that are unique to SOAPY.