SoapyPro Handwashing System

User centric and cost-effective intelligent hand hygiene compliance system For healthcare facilities, aligned with Leapfrog and Joint Commission requirements can be set up as an Hand Hygiene Monitoring - Electronic Monitoring System(EMS).


Interactive display* for user gamification, educational tutorials and compliance support:   - Instant quality feedback   - Personal Score & Interactive content   - Maintenance alerts & Service alerts * 24” Vertical Setup OR 11” Horizontal setup

Shower Head

Designed for the best user experience. Soapy's shower head designed to dispense water and cleansing liquids without loosing time, volume or money. Saving up to 95% of water consumption per handwashing

Soap & Water or Sanitizer

Compatible for your soap/sanitizer or our branded fully certified solutions.  Unique IoT powered patented design bottle, preventing waste and misuse of soap or sanitizing liquids. 

Hand Hygiene Compliance

SoapyPro is at the forefront of enhancing hand hygiene compliance through its innovative Hand Hygiene Monitoring System. This system integrates non invasive hand hygiene tracking with robust monitoring capabilities, ensuring adherence to the highest standards of hand cleanliness. It also aligns with Leapfrog hand hygiene standards, which emphasize the critical role of hand hygiene in healthcare settings. SoapyPro offers comprehensive hand hygiene monitoring, training and education programs designed to boost awareness and effectiveness among healthcare providers. Additionally, the system incorporates elements of gamification, making the learning and training process engaging and interactive, thereby improving overall compliance rates in hand hygiene practices.






13.5 in/34cm


31 lb/14kg





Soapy Wisdom

Is much more than an Hand Hygiene Electronic Monitoring System (EMS), it is a big data platform enabling training, education, gamification, quality insights, hand hygiene compliance and remote support of the clinical, EVS and the infection prevention team. 


An informative dashboard to track hand hygiene compliance and quality. Soapy Wisdom helps to visualize user handwashing behavior, quality, and compliance.

Support Multiple Stake Holders

Tailored clinical view for the Infection prevention (IP) team, regulatory compliance reports for the Leadership and maintenance alerts for the EVS management. 

Transparent and Supportive

SoapyWisdom designed for promoting safety, establishing trust and empowering your clinical team with self-governance instead of surveillance and supervision!

Patented Tested and Approved

Quality and Safety Certifications