Soapy's Benefits For Pediatrics

SoapyPro system doesn't just elevate hand hygiene for young patients; it cultivates a realm of heightened cleanliness in healthcare environments, benefiting individuals of all ages. Making the Pediatric department fun, engaging, and intriguing. With Soapy, you can highlight how your facility supports their fast recovery.

Fun, Engaging,  and Innovative

Augmented Sanitation Practices

In Pediatric department you will see more moving accessories with which the patients and the clinical team interacts. These could be toys, games and other engaging tool. Which means more opportunities and links in the chain of transmission. SoapyPro system, promoting meticulous hand hygiene is crucial for averting and breaking the chain of infection and safeguarding young patients.

Instant Feedback Loop

Soapy offers real-time feedback, aiding healthcare professionals and the young patients in refining hand hygiene promptly, significantly slashing the risk of infection transmission to pediatric patients. 

Adherence  Monitoring

Ensuring compliance with hand hygiene standards is paramount in pediatric care settings. The system promptly flags any non-compliance, enabling swift corrective measures. Enforcing compliance using quality indicators and not empty numbers. Aligned with Leapfrog and Joint Commission requirements.

Insightful Data Analytics

With SoapyPro and the SIO app, you will leverage data insights! Soapy's systems pinpoints gaps in hand hygiene practices for swift rectification, further diminishing infection risks among pediatric patients.

Cultivating Behavioral Shifts

The SoapyPro or the SoapyPro Mobile system fosters enduring shifts in hand hygiene behaviors among hospital staff, facilitating muscle memory effect and  underpinning sustained reductions in infection risks.

Educational Resource

Doubling as a training aid for novice healthcare providers, the system ensures early adoption and adherence to proper hand hygiene protocols, setting a high standard for hospital hygiene practices and benefiting all patients, particularly complex environment where patients often spend time with visiting family members.