We don't compromise our Coffee we do our Hand Hygiene

Why don’t we compromise our Coffee Taste but compromise our Hand Hygiene? To all the coffee lovers out there reading this article, how would you feel if you find that the ingredients of your morning coffee have been tampered with? A simple change of taste can perhaps sting your taste buds and leave you in a bad mood for the office.

This certainly shouldn’t happen before you’re supposed to meet some important clients during the day, and if that has ever happened to you then let’s move to another important point of discussion

How many of you remembered to wash your hands before making your morning coffee today?

While you were preoccupied with an awful coffee taste, can you imagine how many harmful germs might have colonized your hands and which could also spread to your clients during your daily meetings? It is important to realize the immense safeguarding potential of handwashing in your life. Washing hands regularly and building hand hygiene compliance should be considered valuable aspects of one’s routine that demand to be taken seriously.

Handwashing holds a plethora of advantages in your daily life such as lowering the incidence of Diarrhea by as much as 40%. Moreover, hand hygiene compliance can also protect you from harmful respiratory pathogens, do you remember COVID?  If you’re a healthcare professional, proper hand hygiene can allow you to get rid of a multitude of hospital-acquired infections and help maintaining high compliance rates. For this purpose, SoapyPro hand hygiene Mobile systems and SoapyPro hand-washing stations are aimed at minimizing the transmission of communicable infections in hospitals. Learning about and implementing the best hand hygiene techniques can help effectively reduce the microbial footprint on your hands. and prevent potential spread of infections like candida auris, c. difficile, and outbreaks of other MRSA or MSSA in your facilities.  A good coffee might be the best way to begin your day but remember good hand hygiene protocols holds the key to your health and those surrounding you! You can find more useful information on our blog
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