Soapy's Benefits For LTC

SoapyPro's products simplify hygiene protocols, making it fun and easy for healthcare professionals in long-term care facilities. Additionally, SoapyPro supports memory care, aiding in maintaining mental resilience and well-being among the residents. 

Soap, Wash, Live

Promoting Behavioral Changes

Encourages sustained improvements in hand hygiene practices among staff, reducing infection risks for patients

Reducing Cross-Contamination

Minimizes cross-contamination risks through strict hand hygiene adherence.



Trains new staff on proper hand hygiene, setting high hygiene standards for patient safety.

Enhanced Infection Control

Maintains high hand hygiene standards in line with CDC and WHO guidelines to prevent infections and safeguard patients. 

Real Time Quality Feedback

Provides instant feedback to adjust hand hygiene practices promptly, reducing infection risks.

Compliance Oversight

Monitors adherence to hand hygiene protocols, identifies non-compliance for quick corrective actions. Aligned with Leapfrog and Joint Commission requirements.