Voice of America Featured Soapy

Voice of America featured Soapy in a recent article, showcasing the abilities of our CleanMachine. Soapy’s unique solution allows businesses all around the world to ensure a high standard of hand hygiene inside their facilities. By optimizing hand washing, Soapy is helping create a safer, more hygienic world.

The CleanMachine dispenses the exact amount of soap and water needed for a perfect wash cycle. The smart machine also has a facial recognition feature, allowing managers access to relevant hand hygiene data among their employees. The CleanMachine can be easily installed by any business owner, requiring only a water inlet and outlet, a regular electrical connection, and a working Wi-Fi network.

Here at Soapy, we believe smart handwashing machines are the future of hand hygiene. We intend on saving the world – one handwash at a time. 

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