Children’s Confidence in School-Based on Basic Hygiene

Children’s Confidence in School-Based on BASIC Hygiene Standards In nearly two years, the world discovered what would happen if illness shuttered schools, forcing kids to learn remotely. However, as any teacher or parent can tell you, illnesses spreading like wildfire through classrooms were a common occurrence pre-pandemic. When kids gather in droves and have consistent […]

In the NEWS AGAIN! The ministry for smart hygiene

The ministry for smart hygiene It cleans, but not only: it is truly The ministry for smart hygiene – Soapy Clean Machine not limited to hand washing but also record and monitor the quality of the operation to allow, if necessary, to take corrective measures and to improve the quality of hand hygiene and handwashing. A proper […]

The Future of Handwashing Has Arrived and is Here to Stay

As the COVID-19 pandemic lingers on, it’s becoming clear that the preventive measures prescribed to combat the virus will be around for longer than initially forecasted. Ongoing recommendations to wear masks, maintain social distancing, practice good hand hygiene and conduct frequent temperature checks are an everyday reminder of the ongoing need to protect ourselves for […]

Bloomberg’s El-Financiero Featured us!

A big shout-out to Bloomberg’s El-Financiero for helping to raise awareness of our innovative solution. Read the full article here, in Spanish: Photo by Mélissa Jeanty on Unsplash

CNN – The best prevention against the coronavirus is still washing your hands

(CNN)When it comes to novel coronavirus protection, face masks are futile. There isn’t a vaccine yet. So the best way to prevent transmission of the novel coronavirus is washing your hands — thoroughly — with soap and water, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And yes, there’s a right way to wash […]