Bloomberg’s El-Financiero Featured us!

A big shout-out to Bloomberg’s El-Financiero for helping to raise awareness of our innovative solution. Read the full article here, in Spanish: Photo by Mélissa Jeanty on Unsplash

Rings and bracelets, it’s time to take them off when you wash ha

We all know by now how important handwashing is, even though we got educated on how important it is, thanks to the recent coronavirus outbreak. As everyone is doing their best to avoid catching viruses, Soapy‘s science team received many questions about wearing wristwatches and rings, and whether they might have a negative health impact. […]

Staying at home during COVID-19? This wellness guide is just for you!

Coronavirus has strongly affected the lives of all of us and today a large number of people are forced to stay at home. Our company has prepared a small guide on how to stay mentally and physically healthy these days! It is now difficult to find a person who would not be somehow affected by […]