First, download the illustrated installation guide here:


Simple – The Wi-Fi connection enables the wash data to be sent to the Soapy Wisdom Data Dashboard. This helps you track wash trends in your organization and gather actionable insights into handwashing behavior.

1. Go to Settings on your mobile device and enable Wi-Fi.

2. Look at the list of available wireless networks.

3. You should see Wi-Fi network with the serial number of your system (example: CleanMachine ECO-02-XXXXX). Note: The location of the serial number is on the left bottom side of the CleanMachine.

4. Press on the name of your system (CleanMachine ECO-02-XXXXX) displayed in the Wifi settings of your mobile device.

5. Connect with this system using the password: Soapy2018.

6. Go to your browser on your mobile device, type the URL and click submit. This screen will appear:

6.1. Select the Wi-Fi network of your facility that you want your system to connect to.

6.2. Enter the password of your Wi-Fi facility and recheck it before submitting.

6.3. Click submit.

7. After the ‘Submit’ button pressed – the system will restart itself.

In case the unit is not connected with WiFi the next sign will appear on the upper right of the monitor.  ( )

To get started and receive the details on how to log-in with the Soapy Wisdom Data Dashboard, please contact your local distributor or get in touch with Soapy’s support through the next link: Soapy’s Support  or leave a message through clicking the support button:

Now that you have set up the CleanMachine and the Soapy Wisdom account, here is a short tutorial on how to wash hands with the CleanMachine:

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