The mindful way to wash hands!

SOAPY is eco-friendly. We save water, energy, soap, and money. REAL SAVINGS calculators and REAL TIME resource reports quantify savings and ROI to prove the REAL VALUE of SOAPY to your institution and the environment.

SOAPY saves Precious Resources.

Water is precious

SOAPY Respects Resources. 

Our technology calibrates the minimum amount of water required for the maximum quality wash. Each handwashing saves up to 95% of water normally used within a standard handwashing basin. Our technology ensures that conservation and compliance meet at the perfect place for every wash. 

Water Saving Optimization with Every Wash. 

Save your energy

SOAPY reduces your carbon footprint.

Our patented technology conserves the maximum amount of energy to achieve the highest quality wash.

Soapy helps fight climate change

Squeaky clean

We call our soap SOAPY LORE because it tells our story by delivering the PERFECT WASH. Through vigorous testing and constant improvement, we aim to awaken user’s senses and connect with user emotions to provide the most pleasant wash possible.

Save with Soapy for all stakeholders.

A penny saved

SOAPY SAVINGS CALCULATORS help estimate your hard cost savings. View customized water, energy, and soap savings in real-time. Calculate the value of protecting the health of your employees and customers, while answering to your investors and the environment at the same time.

Save with Soapy for all stakeholders.