Soapy decides to allow it’s employees to work remotely

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Soapy decides to allow its employees to work from home, but still fights Covid-19 in the front!

Our CEO Max Simonovsky decided to allow employees at Soapy to work remotely. This decision was made 10 days ago (March 5th).

Even though we are working remotely, our team was never more united in trying to prevent morbidity! 

This is a necessary step to keep all of them away from a chance of getting infected by Coronavirus. Some employees need to go through public places that are not safe anymore. 

Soapy will provide its customers with a high level of service even these days. We will ensure that all our units work properly to help our customers to maintain a high level of hand-hygiene. 

We call other companies to take this step as they in charge of their employees’ safety and health.

Please do not hesitate to reach us out for any type of information, soon we will post a guide of what else can help beside Hand Hygiene.

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