Rings and bracelets during COVID19, it’s time to take them off

We all know by now how important hand washing is, particularly during these times with the recent coronavirus outbreak.
As everyone is doing their best to avoid catching the virus, we’ve received many questions about wearing wristwatches and rings, and whether they might have a negative health impact.

Can rings and other jewelry be carriers of COVID-19?

According to many experts, coronavirus survives longer on metal surfaces, like our rings, watches, and bracelets. Parts of the infection can remain underneath the jewelry, even if you wash your hands with rings on. Even though it is not yet clear that these residual amounts can affect the transmission of infection, we suggest that you do not tempt fate and remove your jewelry during this period or regularly wash them with warm water and soap.

How to wash your hands, the right way

– When should you wash your hands?

The WHO’s 5 moments for handwashing were crafted in order to help decreases the number of infections inside the healthcare system, as a way to remind professionals in the field when they should practice hand hygiene. Though meant originally for the healthcare system, the idea of having regular intervals throughout the day during which you should wash your hands makes a lot of sense for our regular lives as well. It’s important to know when you should wash your hands, to have certain points throughout the day during which you remind yourself clearly – it’s time to get my hands clean. We wrote a whole article about this exact subject.

– How to wash your hands?

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Soapy’s advice for wearing rings and bracelets during COVID-19:

1) Do not wipe expensive stones and metals with an antiseptic, this may negatively affect your favorite jewelry.
2) Weigh the pros and cons of wearing your accessories during a COVID-19 infection – consider refraining for wearing jewelry for now.
3) If you choose to continue wearing your bling – be extra meticulous with cleaning them no less than twice a day.

Take care of yourself and keep your distance from others!

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