Hand Hygiene And Soapy Go Hand In Hand

In order to avoid spreading germ or viruse contaminations inside nursing homes, a high standard of hand hygiene must be kept by residents, visitors, and employees alike. Soapy ensures a thorough was cycle every time it is used, enabling managers to keep track of how many times a day their employees washed their hands, and more. Placing an ECO Hygiene Micro-Station at entrances and strategic points within the facility can make a huge difference in preventing outbreaks with minimal ongoing efforts.

Easy To Install

"Plug and Play" set up, requiring only a water inlet and outlet, a regular electricity connection, and a local Wi-Fi network


ROI within 12 months through savings on water, soap, and electricity

IOT Powered

Obtains real-time handwashing quality reports for all users


Adheres to the World Health Organization hand hygiene guidelines

Water Saving

Reduces water consumption by 95%

Zero Touch

Hands-free triggering system eliminates contamination at the point of use
Hand Hygiene Challenges In
Nursing Homes

Thanks to modern medicine, humans’ life expectancy is rising steadily and is longer than ever before in human history. Nursing homes caring for older people play a major role in the longevity of the older residents, supplying them with appropriate staff and facilities to suit their needs.

Each year, up to 3 million infections occur in nursing homes, leading to approximately 380,000 deaths of residents. The spread of illness within nursing homes can happen very quickly, costing lives before there is a formal diagnosis of an outbreak. The fast spread of diseases among the residents of nursing homes is aided by neglecting the most basic preventative measure – hand hygiene. Educating staff members and enforcing a high level of hygiene compliance is a major challenge within this work environment, and requires the most modern tools available today.

How Soapy Can Help Your business
Soapy’s Solution

Nursing homes must battle infections spreading inside of the homes rigorously to keep their residents safe. Most infections in nursing homes are brought in by unsuspecting carriers. Unawareness is a great challenge nursing homes are faced with. To shelter their elderly residents, nursing homes must comply with strict protocols of hygiene, instructing staff as well as visiting family members of residents to wash their hands regularly. Soapy offers a proactive solution to help nursing homes ensure clean hands inside their facilities.

Soapy’s ECO micro-station utilizes AI technology to provide insight on hand wash quality and employee hygiene compliance. The smart machine dispenses the exact amount of soap and heated water required per wash, saving dozens and even hundreds of gallons yearly. The ECO micro-station uses face recognition, storing data for both individual and group users on the Soapy Wisdom platform. Managers can access the data there, helping them understand hand-hygiene trends in their facilities as well as confirm a high hand-hygiene standard amongst staff and visitors.

Soapy Hand washing machine
Soapy Hand washing machine
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