Easy To Install

"Plug and Play" set up, requiring only a water inlet and outlet, a regular electricity connection, and a local Wi-Fi network


ROI within 12 months through savings on water, soap, and electricity

IOT Powered

Obtains real-time handwashing quality reports for all users


Adheres to the World Health Organization hand hygiene guidelines

Water Saving

Reduces water consumption by 95%

Zero Touch

Hands-free triggering system eliminates contamination at the point of use
Working With Soapy

The ECO Micro-Station was developed with the specific needs of businesses and institutions in mind. Soapy offers a revolutionary solution, ensuring a thorough wash cycle while optimizing resources such as time, water, reagents, and electricity. We can help you maintain a high standard of hand hygiene in your facilities by taking the guesswork out of tracking hygiene protocols.
Read more about our value proposition for different use cases blow:



Food Industry

Food Industry

Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes
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