How Nursing Homes Can Beat Deadly Viruses and Germs

Each year, up to 3 million infections occur in nursing homes, leading to approximately 380,000 deaths of residents. Proper hand hygiene can save lives.

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Nursing homes and long term care facilities provide elderly people with the proper care they need. They often include customized facilities and employ staff to attend to the elder’s specific needs. As of today, over 3 million Americans are living in nursing homes, with the number of residents rising steadily as modern medicine leads to a longer life expectancy.

However, 65 and older residents suffer from a higher risk of death after contracting seemingly harmless viruses. Numerous background diseases become more prevalent with age, hindering the body’s ability to battle germs and viruses. This is why it’s so important that nursing homes are prepared with thorough infection prevention plans, including handwashing by visitors and caretakers before interacting with the elderly residents.

Each year, up to 3 million infections occur in nursing homes, leading to approximately 380,000 deaths of residents. The spread of illness within nursing homes can happen very quickly, costing lives before there is a formal diagnosis of an outbreak. The fast spread of diseases among the residents of nursing homes is aided by the fact that some symptoms include behaviors that are not uncommon in the aging population, such as falling and dizziness, lack of appetite and so on. 

What is most worrying is that the illness is usually brought in by an unsuspecting carrier from outside of the home, such as a staff or family member.

Saving lives by washing hands

Hand washing is recommended by the WHO and CDC as a crucial way to break the chain reaction of infectious viruses and germs. These leading organizations have repeated time and again the instructions and messages to the public – proper hand hygiene in institutions can save lives and is not to be taken lightly.

To aid the senior community and save lives now, Soapy is offering institutions caring for the elderly a priority in both shipping and acquiring of the CleanMachine (with a minimum purchase of three units instead of the regular minimum of five units for other institutions).

Soapy utilizes advanced AI technology to ensure a thorough, timed wash, highlighting the handwashing quality in the process. The CleanMachine, which can easily be installed, dispenses the precise amount of soap and warm water needed for a perfect wash, saving hundreds of gallons of water and soap (as well as electricity) every year. Furthermore, the CleanMachine features facial recognition for users, with the data uploading automatically through the local Wi-Fi connection to the Soapy Wisdom platform. Managers have access to the data in the Soapy Wisdom platform, helping them oversee employee hand hygiene trends in the facility. Soapy is the economic, smart way to support proper hand hygiene in organizations.  

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