Soapy Clean Machine Pro

The future of handwashing!

SOAPY provides a controlled and comfortable handwashing experience, that uses high-tech tools to educate users, and improve compliance.

Intuitive and interactive display for user gamification and hand hygiene
compliance support
  • Handwashing tutorials
  • User feedback
  • Personal compliance
  • SoapyView - Interactive content platform
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Service alerts

Optional Setups

  • 24” – Vertical Setup
  • 11” – Horizontal setup
Controlled water, soap, sanitizer
The CleanMachine Pro is designed for the best user handwashing experience. The CleanMachine Pro showerhead is designed to dispense cleansing liquids without loosing time, volume or money. When the CleanMachine Pro set up for handwashing it is maintaining the best water volume saving up to 95% of water consumption per handwashing. Furthermore, the CleanMachine Pro showerhead designed to deliver the rich water surface to wash hands in the best way.
Cleansing cartridges
IoT powered cartridges from recyclable materials
  • Soapy Safegurad – information from P&G
  • Soapy Fresh – Soapy’s soap brand in the USA
Unique patented design soap cartridge, IoT powered preventing waste and misuse of the cleansing liquid as well as monitor and manage refills through the SoapyWisdom platform
Touchless Dispensing
The CleanMachine Pro is designed with 3 different, fully patented, sensing technologies powered by AI algorithms to capture and analyze more than 100 handwashing data point. All in real time. 
  • Computer Vision – real time picture and video capturing for hand hygiene quality
  • Computer Vision – Employee ID recognition.
  • Temperature Vision – measure user body temperature.
  • Sonar – Sonar analysis of hand hygiene quality.
Sensors setup (on/off ) are fully customizable for each unit independently through the SoapyWisdom cloud platform
The CleanMachine is made with an earth minded design from recyclable materials:
  • Medical Grade Stainless steel (SUS316)
  • Powder coated steel
Hand-gesture recognition camera

55 cm | 22 in


42 cm | 16.5 in

Length (Depth)

34 cm | 13.4 in


14 kg | 31 lb

Tap water access needed
Wastewater installation needed

access needed


access needed
110V / 220V
50Hz / 60Hz

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About the
Soapy Clean Machine Pro

Soapy is revolutionizing the hand hygiene field. By leveraging AI technologies, our machines ensure a thorough wash cycle every time. Although our product has gained additional relevancy during the COVID-19 pandemic, the link between proper hygiene at the points where people come together and limiting the spread of infectious disease has been, and remains, clear. We are always improving our machines to meet the needs of the market to get hands sanitized in the spaces where they need to be most.

Once installed, the Soapy Clean Machine Pro is designed to make handwashing and sanitizing easy and accessible to anyone 3 years and older with easy to follow video tutorial on the display. This provides some ease of understanding. When you put your hands in the machine, the video tutorial guides you through a complete handwashing process.

Each wash is given a feedback score from the AI based on the WHO protocols so that you can monitor your own effectiveness and progress at the individual level. Our system is designed to make sure that every person gets a quality hand wash while using the ideal amount of water and soap. This not only protects the environment and each other, but also your bottom line by helping you avoid an exorbitant water bill.
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Part of what sets the Soapy Clean Machine Pro apart is Soapy Wisdom.

Soapy Wisdom is an application that provides a data dashboard to track wash trends at your facility and gather handwashing behaviors into actionable insights. This is a great way to increase efficiency and ensure that your machines are working smarter, not harder.
If you’re not the most tech-savvy, don’t panic.
Your Soapy Clean Machine Pro comes with video tutorials on how to get the most out of your machine and its analytical abilities.







Soapy is attracting attention and capturing hearts, minds, and hands around the world. From healthcare, education, food service, facilities management to fully compliant needs of food pharma and pharma manufacturing – we are focused on infection prevention through technology, ecology, and social responsibility. 

SOAPY is helping ensure a safer, cleaner, and eco-friendly world. 

We are making safe and effective handwashing into the “new cool”. Soapy is helping organizations create a “badge of honor” for those progressive organizations wanting to protect their workers that have public interaction. 

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