Hand Hygiene and Resistance against Antimicrobial Drugs

Drug Resistance, Hand Hygiene against Antimicrobial Drugs Microbes including bacteria and viruses can adapt to resist different germ-killing drugs. The effectiveness of antibiotics, antivirals, and anti-parasitic drugs is now being increasingly challenged due to the development of drug-resistant organisms. This is expected to render several common microbial infections potentially untreatable. It is being speculated that […]

Good Versus Bad Bacteria

Good versus Bad Bacterial

Are all bacteria bad? There has always been a major misconception that all germs are meant to be “evil” and therefore, need to be terminated by using antimicrobial soaps or other disinfectant solutions. On the contrary, a significant number of microbes present within our internal systems or over the body surface are considered to play […]

Safeguard Donates 118 Million Handwashes to Celebrate Global Handwashing Day

Global Hand Washing Day

The hand soap and sanitizer brand partners with City Harvest and Soapy Care to make superior germ protection and education more accessible Safeguard Donates 118 Million Handwashes to Celebrate Global Handwashing Day. Food and water are among the most basic human needs. Yet, a staggering 13.5 million U.S. households were food insecure at some time […]

The university hospital of Salerno choses SOAPY

The university hospital of Salerno choses Soapy CleanMachine! The San Giovanni di Dio Ruggi d’Aragona University Hospital of Salerno, has chosen the Soapy’s hand washing personal stations for the neonatal intensive care unit directed by Dr. Grazia Corbo under the supervision of Professor Francesco De Caro the infection prevention and control manager!  “Thanks to the […]

How Gamifying Handwashing Helps Raise hand Hygiene Compliance

How Can We Make Handwashing Fun? I think we can all agree that everyday tasks are more fun when incentivized, especially for kids. For example, if you tell a child that they will get an ice cream cone if they clean their room, you can almost guarantee that they will be eager to complete the […]

Spot Light – Welcome Jane Shpits, our new Operation Manager

  Jane is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for impact-driven innovation. Jane has 18 years of experience in SaaS and ERP, HR products, with a strong technical background combined with experience in project and operation management. B.Sc in Industrial Engineering & Management at Shenkar and IDF programming (MAMRAM) and system analysis courses.   We […]

Spot Light – Welcome David, our new Team member

We trust David with all of our business needs. Eager and curious, David proves that no technological feat is too big to tackle. We are happy to have this hard-working innovator in our team! David is a full-stack software developer with extensive knowledge in the back end and sophisticated database design. Substantial experience in web […]

New office, New Team members, New Ideas.

New people, new T Shirts, New products developed and produced at our new offices: Solving one of the most critical challenges of our days: Illnesses resulting due to not proper employees hand hygiene practice.

Spot Light – our new Product Manager

Welcome our new Product manager! Alik Belitzky, a Ph.D in chemistry, from the Weizman Institute, with hands-on industry experience in product management and development. Alik has a background in the food&bev, new materials, and 3D printing industries. With a proven record in leading short-term and long-term projects from ideation to execution through complex process challenges.