Suffering From Spring Allergies? Wash Your Hands To Prevent Infection

  Ah, spring. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, the trees are a beautiful shade of green – and your nose starts itching and your eyes start watering. Before panicking, remember that some of the symptoms of spring allergies can be mistaken for Covid-19 symptoms, so you’re not necessarily sick with the pandemic. […]

Does Gloving Remove The Need For Handwashing?

Does gloving remove the need for handwashing? The simple answer is, no. Gloves may break due to inappropriate storing conditions, water leaking in, aggressive use, and more. That is the reason surgeons scrub their hands to the point of disrupting the natural flora on the skin before donning on gloves. In case a glove will […]

When The Zombie Apocalypse Comes, You Should Wash Your Hands

“Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse” – No, this isn’t an episode on a late-night History Channel show – this is an actual statement released by the CDC. For years the CDC has been trying to get people to listen to warnings regarding emergencies, like hurricanes, pandemics, and more. Surprisingly, the general guidelines stand their ground throughout […]

Bitcoin: The Hand Hygiene Perspective

Why is our money so dirty? According to the Federal Reserve, dollar bills circulate for around 6.6 years – passing hands and collecting bacteria in the process. When they first start out, new bills have an antimicrobial substance embedded in them, however, it is slowly rubbed away over time. So as money gets older, microbes […]

Calcalist Tech: This Startup Wants to Fight Coronavirus With Soap and Water

Calcalist Tech: This Startup Wants to Fight Coronavirus With Soap and Water Soapy Care develops smart sinks that incorporate computer vision analytics and IoT technologies to help people wash their hands more efficiently As fears surrounding the coronavirus continue to grow and the number of people forced into home-quarantine rises, Israeli startup Soapy Care Ltd. is […]