Global Innovation Day: Hand Hygiene Inventions That Have Changed The World

Hand hygiene adherence research Throughout human history, innovation has been helping propel mankind forward. From the invention of the wheel to trains and cars, and even cellphones – the few individuals who had bright new ideas were the ones who aided in advancing and bettering human lives everywhere. And do Hand hygiene adherence research. Innovation […]

How Will Humans Wash Their Hands On Mars?

On February 18th, NASA’s Perseverance landed on Mars. NASA’S unique rover has been tasked with two main missions: seek signs of ancient life on the red planet and collect samples of rocks and soil for a possible return to Earth. It’s bringing humanity one step closer to understanding Mars, and possibly creating human colonies in […]

Florence Nightingale – A Strong Woman Making Hand Hygiene History

Hand hygiene adherence research Nightingale has forever earned her place in the history books as the founder of modern nursing, and hand hygiene adherence research. Nightingale quite literally invented the profession, stating in her book, Notes on Nursing, “Everyday sanitary knowledge, or the knowledge of nursing, or in other words, of how to put the constitution […]

Calcalist Tech: This Startup Wants to Fight Coronavirus With Soap and Water

Calcalist Tech: This Startup Wants to Fight Coronavirus With Soap and Water Soapy Care develops smart sinks that incorporate computer vision analytics and IoT technologies to help people wash their hands more efficiently. Infection prevention | Read about Calcalist Tech’s article on Soapy and our smart handwashing machines, wash hands and save your world. As fears […]

2Scots featured Soapy!

2Scots featured us, read more to find out what they had to say about Soapy’s solution to hand hygiene

Important Information about Hand Hygiene Compliance in the Workplace

The habit of washing hands is indeed one that is hard to implement in any workplace, much as it is needed. In this article we hope to give you important information that will help you succeed in making your workplace a safer and more hygienic environment for yourself, your employees, and ultimately, your customers.