Children’s Confidence in School-Based on Basic Hygiene

Children’s Confidence in School-Based on BASIC Hygiene Standards In nearly two years, the world discovered what would happen if illness shuttered schools, forcing kids to learn remotely. However, as any teacher or parent can tell you, illnesses spreading like wildfire through classrooms were a common occurrence pre-pandemic. When kids gather in droves and have consistent […]

Global Handwashing Day 2021 – It is time for a change!

Soapy is Celebrating the Global Handwashing Day We are happy to celebrate Global Handwashing day with so many new customers, partners, and users from all around the world! Hand Hygiene isn’t a privilege it is a basic human right! Technology isn’t a privilege it’s a tool. Health is not a privilege t’s a must!  The […]

Norovirus – how to protect our children

Young children continually pull various objects into their mouths. It’s good if this happens at home, and these are clean toys. But it can also happen on the street, on the playground and in other places where no one will vouch for you for the cleanliness of the item taken in a mouth. That is […]

Norovirus – Know your enemy

In the last 2 decades, Norovirus has become a real issue. Even though it is commonly called the winter vomiting bug, it can challenge our lives several times throughout the year. Norovirus – what is that? One of the most common reasons for seeking medical help in the winter is food poisoning or acute infectious […]

Classroom Experiment Shows the Importance of Hand-Washing — Just in Time for Flu Season

A science teacher is imploring students and parents to wash their hands after posting the results of her classroom’s stomach-churning experiment. Flu season is in full swing. The CDC is reporting that 30 states—especially southern states like Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina—are already seeing flu activity. A preliminary estimates report states […]

Hand hygiene decreases school absenteeism

Photo for representation only. Hand hygiene helps to reduce school absenteeism rates due to illnesses by almost 40% of studies suggest, said a senior healthcare professional. While many factors contribute to school absenteeism, student illness is believed to be the main driver of student absenteeism. The transmission of infections within schools can result in infections […]