What is similar between Pollination and Microbial Spread?

Understanding the process of the spread of microbes or germs is essential before we preach the benefits of handwashing. Why is it so that we are often advised to wash our hands before eating meals? How can we transmit our germs to others around us? Let’s dive into the mechanism of microbial spread Before diving […]

Specialist Spotlight Infection prevention

Spotlight interview with Michael Diamond, Co-founder & Executive Director of The Infection Prevention Strategy (TIPS) During International Infection prevention week we met Michael Diamond, the Co-founder & Executive Director of TIPS. Michael has a vast background in infection prevention innovation and practices. The conversation we had had a simple, yet important value – to learn […]

Good Versus Bad Bacteria

Good versus Bad Bacterial

Are all bacteria bad? There has always been a major misconception that all germs are meant to be “evil” and therefore, need to be terminated by using antimicrobial soaps or other disinfectant solutions. On the contrary, a significant number of microbes present within our internal systems or over the body surface are considered to play […]

Global Handwashing Day 2021 – It is time for a change!

Soapy is Celebrating the Global Handwashing Day We are happy to celebrate Global Handwashing day with so many new customers, partners, and users from all around the world! Hand Hygiene isn’t a privilege it is a basic human right! Technology isn’t a privilege it’s a tool. Health is not a privilege t’s a must!  The […]

How Gamifying Handwashing Helps Raise hand Hygiene Compliance

How Can We Make Handwashing Fun? I think we can all agree that everyday tasks are more fun when incentivized, especially for kids. For example, if you tell a child that they will get an ice cream cone if they clean their room, you can almost guarantee that they will be eager to complete the […]

Does Gloving Remove The Need For Handwashing?

Does gloving remove the need for handwashing? The simple answer is, no. Gloves may break due to inappropriate storing conditions, water leaking in, aggressive use, and more. That is the reason surgeons scrub their hands to the point of disrupting the natural flora on the skin before donning on gloves. In case a glove will […]

Education Systems Around The World Are Bettering Themselves

Schools need to be safe spaces for kids to grow in. The classroom is where children develop social connections, as well as learn valuable lessons. Without a doubt, teachers have their hands full with trying to ensure every student understands the school curriculum, on top of having their emotional needs met inside their classroom. More […]

Have A Safe Valentine: Hand Hygiene In The Chocolate Factory Industry

Valentine’s Day is a day where love is celebrated worldwide. The tradition originated to celebrate the work of Saint Valentine, a Christian martyr who lived in Rome in the third century. Saint Valentine helped secretly marry Christian couples who were forbidden from doing so under the strict Roman rule, such as soldiers. It is said that […]

Cleaning, Sanitizing, Disinfecting: What Does It Mean?

COVID-19 has brought on a lot of changes with it. Online video meetings have replaced traditional workspaces, and even the education system in some countries. Masks have become a normal occurrence, and their absence – not presence – could make one nervous. Above all else, COVID-19 highlighted the need to keep our environment as clean […]