Specialist Spotlight Infection prevention

Spotlight interview with Michael Diamond, Co-founder & Executive Director of The Infection Prevention Strategy (TIPS) During International Infection prevention week we met Michael Diamond, the Co-founder & Executive Director of TIPS. Michael has a vast background in infection prevention innovation and practices. The conversation we had had a simple, yet important value – to learn […]

Hand Hygiene and Resistance against Antimicrobial Drugs

Drug Resistance, Hand Hygiene against Antimicrobial Drugs Microbes including bacteria and viruses can adapt to resist different germ-killing drugs. The effectiveness of antibiotics, antivirals, and anti-parasitic drugs is now being increasingly challenged due to the development of drug-resistant organisms. This is expected to render several common microbial infections potentially untreatable. It is being speculated that […]

Global Handwashing Day 2021 – It is time for a change!

Soapy is Celebrating the Global Handwashing Day We are happy to celebrate Global Handwashing day with so many new customers, partners, and users from all around the world! Hand Hygiene isn’t a privilege it is a basic human right! Technology isn’t a privilege it’s a tool. Health is not a privilege t’s a must!  The […]

CleanMachine improves life span and life quality?

Thanks to modern medicine, thanks to antibiotics, vaccination, hand hygiene, immune treatment, and target drug delivery our life span constantly grows. Some modest predictions say that people that are burning today are probably going to live 120-150 years. All of that is an auspicious and positive view of the future – which is exciting! HOWEVER, […]

Can Automated Machines Change the way we wash our hands?

During the past few years, the future has been racing toward us faster than ever, with innovative ideas changing how we interact with our environment. Just a few decades ago the idea of smartphones, smart cars, and an electronic social network that connects us all seemed like sci-fi.