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Gloving in the Foodservice Industry? Here Are A Few Important Things To Remember

Hand hygiene is important, without a doubt. Particularly in industries that work with sensitive produce , such as the foodservice industry, attention to hand hygiene is critical.

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How To Avoid Getting Food Poisoning In Restaurants

We’re here to show you that you can take steps to decrease your chances of suffering from foodborne illnesses, with just a few actions.

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How Coronavirus Has Made Your Food Cleaner

The coronavirus outbreak has changed the world, but how has it affected the food industry?

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Hygiene in Food Factories From A Quality Assurance Manager’s Perspective

The food industry is faced with a number of hygienic challenges. Come read more about it from a quality assurance manager’s prespective

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7 Basic Food Hygiene Rules To Swear By

Handling food, preparing it, and even storing it, can all cause the food to become contaminated. We have some tips to keep you on the right track.

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Foodborne Illnesses In The Food Industry – The Real Problem

People can die or be severely ill if a single employee doesn’t follow specially crafted hygiene protocols.

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Ensuring Hand Hygiene Compliance in the Food Industry

In many cases, understanding the problem constitutes a major part of the solution. Come read more about hand hygiene compliance in the food industry

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Soapy finished a successful pilot with a leading restaurant chain in Israel – Starting roll out

We have some great news to share with you. We just finished a several-month pilot with a leading restaurant chain in Israel. This is an important step for us toward the improvement of hand hygiene quality in the food industry.
Soapy helped to increase the kitchen worker’s hygiene practice. The food chain employees say that it is much more convenient to use Soapy’s tech than a regular sink. The non-contact triggering and the immediate feedback makes hand washing easy and intuitive.
We are looking forward to helping more businesses to prove that their hand hygiene compliance is of the highest level.
If you are a business owner and our product made you curious, you can easily request a demo, just by following this link.
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Jersusalem Shawarma facing backlash after suspected norovirus outbreak at Calgary restaurants

A family-owned chain of Calgary shawarma restaurants is facing backlash after Alberta Health Services revealed a suspected norovirus outbreak linked to their restaurants.
According to AHS, nearly 130 people have registered complaints that they fell ill after eating food from Jerusalem Shawarma.
AHS said Thursday it received its first complaint about Jerusalem Shawarma on Dec. 6.
More complaints were later made by 17 different groups who said they ate food from multiple Jerusalem Shawarma locations from Dec. 4 to 12.
“Please don’t judge us,” Jerusalem Shawarma co-owner Izzo AbuFarha said. “It was just an isolated [incident] in one of our locations, it didn’t happen all over the place.”
AbuFarha and his five brothers own the 10-restaurant chain, which opened in 2013.
He said they’ve has complied with AHS health inspectors, who recommended the restaurant wash common surfaces and the washrooms every 30 minutes.
AHS said they are currently investigating each complaint to verify the claims, with many coming from groups that fell ill after eating catered lunches.
All of the chain’s locations were inspected by AHS, but none of the restaurants were ordered to close.
“Anything that was of concern, like the ready-to-eat food products, have all been discarded — those things have been started from scratch again. There’s been full disinfections at each of the locations, so we’ve ensured that public safety is number one,” AHS Calgary Zone safe food program manager Sarah Nunn said.
“If there was any serious concerns, then absolutely those locations would’ve been closed.”
Following the news of the AHS investigation, AbuFarha said the restaurant has seen a steep decline in business, including multiple cancellations of catering orders.
He said the restaurant has also received racist comments. “This is something we’ve been getting on a daily basis, lots of bad comments, lots of messages, lots of threatening, lots of phone calls to our staff, to our employees,” AbuFarha said.
Faizan Butt, the lawyer representing Jerusalem Shawarma, said the investigation has been blown out of proportion.
According to AHS, the virus is common around this time of year and is extremely contagious. Symptoms of norovirus include severe stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea, and can last anywhere from 24 to 60 hours, AHS said.
The best way to prevent infection is to wash your hands often and wash fruits and vegetables before eating them.
“The biggest thing is it’s out there in the community, and it’s about prevention,” Nunn said. “It’s about making sure that we don’t pass this on to anybody else.”
Nunn said AHS takes every complaint seriously and recommends anybody with concerns to contact AHS or 811 with health questions.​
AbuFarha said his employees are taking AHS’ advice seriously, all in an effort to go on with business as usual.
“We’re seeking the support of our community, we’re seeking the support of Calgarians in making this business get back to normal,” he said.
With files from Global News’ Kaylen Small
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