Thrilled to showcase our Hand Hygiene Technology at APIC 2023

Greetings to all healthcare professionals attending APIC 2023! We are thrilled that this year we can showcase our Hand Hygiene Technology at APIC 2023 in person; it’s great to be back! We are excited to announce our presence at this year’s Annual APIC Conference. Where we will be showcasing our new technology for hand hygiene […]

Children’s Confidence in School-Based on Basic Hygiene

Children’s Confidence in School-Based on BASIC Hygiene Standards In nearly two years, the world discovered what would happen if illness shuttered schools, forcing kids to learn remotely. However, as any teacher or parent can tell you, illnesses spreading like wildfire through classrooms were a common occurrence pre-pandemic. When kids gather in droves and have consistent […]

Global Handwashing Day 2021 – It is time for a change!

Soapy is Celebrating the Global Handwashing Day We are happy to celebrate Global Handwashing day with so many new customers, partners, and users from all around the world! Hand Hygiene isn’t a privilege it is a basic human right! Technology isn’t a privilege it’s a tool. Health is not a privilege t’s a must!  The […]

Hand hygiene adherence platform

How Can We Make Handwashing Fun? Hand hygiene adherence platform. Germs can multiply in some types of foods or drinks so make the habit of handwashing. I think we can all agree that everyday tasks are more fun when incentivized, especially for kids. For example, if you tell a child that they will get an […]