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Soapy - Revolutionizing the Hand Hygiene Industry

At Soapy, it's our mission to create a safer, more hygienic world. Humans communicate with our surroundings using our hands. We understand that, and the importance of hand washing in battling the spread of dangerous diseases. Using advanced technologies, we're aiming to craft the best solutions for hand hygiene. If you're passionate about saving the world - one wash cycle at a time - we'd love for you to join our team.

Job Openings at Soapy

Sales Manager

Soapy is looking for a sales manager, to manage our local and international sales.

Soapy’s ECO Hygiene Micro-Station is revolutionizing the hand hygiene field. Utilizing AI technologies, the micro-station ensures a thorough wash cycle every time. Our product has become particularly relevant during the coronavirus pandemic and we are expanding our team. We are looking to hire someone dynamic and motivated, with a creative way of thinking.

You are:

● An excellent salesperson
● With a proven record in the B2B sector
● At least 4 years of international sales experience
● Which also means you have PERFECT English

And you're even more super awesome if you:

● Have worked with networks of distributors, and have experience in vetting vendors
● Know what PaaS is
● And have worked both with inbound and outbound methods

You guys seem great! How do I apply?

By sending your CV to
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