7 Basic Food Hygiene Rules To Swear By

Handling food, preparing it, and even storing it, can all cause the food to become contaminated. We have some tips to keep you on the right track.

Foodborne Illnesses In The Food Industry – The Real Problem

People can die or be severely ill if a single employee doesn’t follow specially crafted hygiene protocols.


Meet Soapy’s Team: Marat Altynbaev #WhyWeWash

Marat Altynbaev, Soapy’s Product manager.

Implementing Hand Hygiene In Healthcare Settings – Sounds Easy? Think Again

Hospitals and healthcare facilities need to help raise hand hygiene standards. Here are some of the difficulties they are faced.

When Does Good Hand Hygiene Turn To Too Much Hand Hygiene?

Many workplaces as well as schools, nursing homes, and more, realize how important it is to maintain a high standard of hand hygiene in their facilities and encourage employees and visitors to practice hand hygiene. However, one must ask themselves the question of how many times is it...

Job Burnout and Hand Hygiene – Let’s Talk About It

Employees who suffer from job burnout have a higher chance of becoming apathetic to many workplace protocols, including hand hygiene protocols.

Hand Hygiene In Schools – How Can Schools Prevent Infections?

Schools have a great opportunity to apply infection prevention tactics that ensure kids have a safe and hygienic school environment.

Ensuring Hand Hygiene Compliance in the Food Industry

In many cases, understanding the problem constitutes a major part of the solution. Come read more about hand hygiene compliance in the food industry

The WHO’s 5 Moments for Handwashing

The WHO designed the “5 moments for handwashing” in an effort to diminish the risk of infection inside the healthcare system.

Hand Hygiene Monitoring

Monitoring hand hygiene practices inside the workplace has become more and more vital in the fight against dangerous communicable diseases. Read more about it here.

Contagious Diseases in the Workplace – How to Prevent Infections

It is no secret that the workplace often offers a fertile ground to the spread of infectious diseases. We’re here to help you review a few actions you can take in order to prevent infections in the workplace.

Breaking The Chain Of Infection At Every Link

The chain of infection is a term that refers to the sequence of events in which infection occurs. It is built of six links, and the chain can be broken at any link.

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