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IC-Tips Featured Soapy, “Hand Hygiene: Unexpected Challenges and Cutting-Edge Solutions”

The comprehensive article, featuring Soapy, covers the different challenges of hand hygiene and the different solutions offered today.

An Interview With A Pediatric Allergy-Immunology Specialist – COVID-19 And More

We asked a pediatric allergy-immunology specialist all the burning questions! Click to read what he had to say

How To Wear Glasses With Face Masks – The Right Way

Read about hacks and tricks to wear your glasses undisturbed!

Liat Metsamber – The Food Regulation Specialist We Need

A fascinating interview about the food industry, hygiene, and more!

How To Wash Your Hands – The Soapy Steps

Washing hands is incredibly important. Here’s how to do it!

COVID-19 Infection Prevention – What Can You Do To Stay Safe?

As the global pandemic raises its head once more, more and more people are increasing their efforts to flatten the curve. Come read about 4 ways to keep yourself safe during these times.

How To Avoid Getting Food Poisoning In Restaurants

We’re here to show you that you can take steps to decrease your chances of suffering from foodborne illnesses, with just a few actions.

Meet Soapy’s Team: Alex Orlovsky #WhyWeWash

Meet Alex, Soapy’s CTO and co-founder!

How Coronavirus Has Made Your Food Cleaner

The coronavirus outbreak has changed the world, but how has it affected the food industry?

Meet Soapy’s Team: Netta Stahl #WhyWeWash

Meet Netta, Soapy’s Marketing Manager!

Hygiene in Food Factories From A Quality Assurance Manager’s Perspective

The food industry is faced with a number of hygienic challenges. Come read more about it from a quality assurance manager’s prespective

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