Ron Arad school students’ hand hygiene quality reached an all-time high in less than a month!

“it’s like a game, simple and fun to use Clean Machine,” replied one of the students, “the water is always warm!”

Approved for Validation by Pears Challenge

Soapy is honored to be chosen by Pears Challenge 2017 as one of the few start-ups for a 2-week Validation Trip to India! During this, trip we will meet local government representative, Venture capitals, NGO, and the biggest players in the India health care market.

Wining Novus Demo day

After a journey of 6 month the judging board decision was clear! Thank you Novus team! It was hard and an amazing year, we are taking with us to the next milestone all what you have granted us, your experience, friendship knowledge and much more. We have made a huge progress during...

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