How Will Humans Wash Their Hands On Mars?

Without a doubt, life in space will be wildly different for humans. One thing that isn’t likely to change, though, is the need for hygiene.

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Global Innovation Day: Hand Hygiene Inventions That Have Changed The World

Bringing a spotlight to innovations that revolutionized the way we view hygiene at critical times in human history!

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Education Systems Around The World Are Bettering Themselves

The education system is implemeting improvements that ensure children are safe and healthy in classes and outside of them.

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Historically Speaking: The Beginning Of Soap

When was soap first made? In our latest series – historically speaking – we’re tackling some of the ancient history behind hand washing.

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When Should Hand Washing Education Start For Children?

We’re here with some great questions and answers about children and hand hygiene!

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How To Create A Hand Hygiene Culture In Your Everyday Life

Now that everyone understands why practicing hand hygiene is a must, we’re here to talk about the “how”.

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