2Scots featured Soapy!

2Scots featured us, read more to find out what they had to say about Soapy's solution to hand hygiene

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2Scots featured Soapy in a recent article. “Despite the clear connection between poor hand-hygiene and sickness, many people wash incorrectly or do not wash at all,” they wrote. Sadly, many germs and viruses are spread due to improper hand hygiene practices. Soapy is trying to fix that, using the ECO micro-station. 2Scots wrote, “Soapy developed the ‘hygiene micro-station’– an easy-to-use, effective, and eco-friendly hand washing system designed for hospitals, schools, restaurants, child-care centers and businesses in communities all over the world.”

Later in the article, 2Scots highlighted soapy’s solution in the face of the COVID19 pandemic. As long as humans interact with their surroundings through touch, they can contaminate surfaces and objects and pass on infectious diseases. Here at Soapy we are doing our best to fight for a safer, more hygienic world.

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