Customers WANT “cleanliness”

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Consumers take online reviews seriously — particularly when it comes to reviews about the cleanliness of a business, according to a new Harris Poll conducted by Cintas Corp.
The survey revealed that 85% of respondents would not patronize businesses with negative online reviews about the cleanliness of its facilities. Restaurants (75%) ranked at the top of the list of businesses where cleanliness most greatly impacted buying habits.
“With the increased use of consumer review sites, consumers form a perception of a business long before they set foot in the door,” said Dave Mesko, senior director of marketing, Cintas Corporation. “This study shows that if your business is dirty and someone mentions that in an online review, it will have a negative impact on your bottom line.”
“85% of customers would not patronize businesses with negative online reviews about the cleanliness”
While restaurants and hotels were at the top of the list, respondents also listed grocery stores, convenience stores, retail stores, entertainment parks and gas stations as businesses that they would not patronize after reading negative online reviews regarding the cleanliness of their facilities.
“This study reaffirms that patrons put a premium on the cleanliness of a business,” Mesko added. “To stay competitive, organizations should put cleaning strategies in place to maintain their facilities at peak cleanliness levels no matter the time of day. This will help improve the opportunity for a positive guest experience — and online review.”
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