Hand Hygiene at Mount Sinai Hospital

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A common issue in hospitals is the increased risk of contracting a healthcare acquired infection, which is very common for patients. Hand Hygiene is extremely important to reducing these types of infections in hospitals. In order to reduce their infection rate, Mt. Sinai hospital implemented the Targeted Solutions Tool for Hand Hygiene.
The Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare offers the Targeted Solutions Tool for Hand Hygiene to help healthcare organizations reduce the risk of harm on patients. The Hand Hygiene TST is a web-based application that collects data that is used to increase hand hygiene compliance and decrease hospital acquired infections.
How does TST work?
An anonymous observer collects hand hygiene data for all types of staff members in the hospitals and uploads the data to the hand hygiene dashboard which can be accessed by all employees working at Mount Sinai. The Targeted Solutions Tool works by measuring the performance of workers in the organization, identifies the barriers affecting performance, and provides solutions that specifically address these barriers.
This innovative program provides methods for hospitals to increase their hand hygiene compliance, while reducing the rates of health care associated infections in their patients. Mt. Sinai’s health system improved hand hygiene compliance by 20% after implementing the Targeted Solutions Tool.

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